Block temporary email addresses

Disposable email address services are mostly used for spamming, fake registration, free trial abuse, etc.

Experience robust disposable email management with our tools, including bulk checks via CSV and API. Our intuitive dashboard and ongoing WordPress, Node.js & Python integrations ensure a reliable, user-friendly service. All at fixed cost of ₹599.00INR/month (~$7.3USD/month).

*No payment info required
Simple Pricing

It's not free but it's honest price. There are no price bands and there is no free tier. You pay the same for filtering a 100 emails or 100 thousand!

Tools and Libraries

Check single or bulk emails via our user-friendly dashboard or upload a CSV. Our stable API ensures easy integration. We're advancing, with a WordPress plugin and Node.js & Python libraries in progress. Experience seamless email filtering with us.

Rate Limits

At the moment, Service is rate limited to 120 requests / minute, But I trust in economy of scale, so, expect this limit to improve over time as the service gets adopted by more users.

Data Usage & Privacy

The platform is not programmed to store any email that you're filtering on this platform. However, we do collect some data that you provide us during sign up. Checkout the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Ease of Use

Service is damn simple to use for anyone. Once you signup, you will see an easy to understand documentation to test the service your self, or links to related plugins and libraries.

Personal Support

You can write me an email at [email protected]. Feel free to reach out to me for any queries that you may have regarding the platform, billing, feedback, etc.

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